Hangzhou Innovation Index is listed in Zhejiang Province

  Recently, Zhejiang Bureau of Statistics Bureau, Provincial Science and Technology Department issued the "2020 Zhejiang Province and the Science and Technology Progress Statistical Monitoring Report", which announced 11 district districts and city innovation index conditions.

"Report" shows that in 2015, the reference value is 100, and the Hangzhou Innovation Index is in 2020, it is raised by the first year, ranking first in the province, more than the second city, than the province index. High outlet.

  From the five domain indices composed of innovation index, scientific and technological investment, scientific and technological output, transformation and upgrading, innovative environment four areas, Hangzhou, the first place in the province, the technical innovation field, the second; from various indicators According to the data, Hangzhou continues to invest in the whole society (generally referring to research and experimental development funds), the whole society’s soft input, high-tech enterprises, the invention patent, PCT patent owners, technical transactions, small and medium-sized enterprises The first place in the core indicators such as technological innovation. There are 58 indicators in Hangzhou, ranking 54% of the province, accounting for 54% of the number of indicators, of which 43 indicators are in the province’s first, accounting for 40% of the number of indicators.

  In addition, in 90 counties (cities, districts) in the province, the innovation index of 3 districts in Hangzhou continues to lead the province, Hangzhou Binjiang District, Xihu District, Yuhang District is located in the province’s first, third, fourth . In addition, the innovation index of Xiaoshan District, Hangzhou, has improved, and the advancement is ranked third. It is reported that the "Report" is based on the year, using the "Innovation Index" mode, focusing on the key content of independent innovation, scientific and technological achievements, industrial structure optimization, technology to promote economic and social development, comprehensive monitoring of scientific and technological progress levels, technology innovation Ability and the overall situation of innovative entrepreneurial ecology. (Editor: Ai Yu, Kang Mengqi) Sharing let more people see the recommended reading.