Play! Su Zhenchang was asked by Jiang Wanan as shame and anger, and he pulled Chiang Kai -shek

Su Zhenchang.

(Picture from Taiwan Media) Taiwan Network, March 11th. Taiwan Media reported that when Su Zhenchang, the head of the Taiwan administrative agency, accepted the Chinese Kuomintang People’s Democratic Jiang Wanan in Taiwan this morning, was accused of "dare not promise the future." For Su Zhenchang, he actually returned "the Chinese Kuomintang said from your grandfather to" counterattack the mainland ‘, and it has not been realized now. "After the two people exposed the screen, it caused heated discussion among netizens. Many netizens approved Su Zhenchang. What is the relationship between "counterattack". On March 3rd, Taiwan’s power outage was once again, and it has become the fourth degree of power outage since Cai Yingwen’s leader in Taiwan.

Jiang Wanan today asked Su Zhenchang to pointed out that there was no power outage in Taiwan from 2003 to 2016, while Cai Yingwen came to power in less than 6 years but 4 times. After the power displacement in 2017, Lai Qingde, then the head of the Taiwan administrative agency, said that it was because the system was because of the system because of the system. Too fragile, Tsai Ing -wen also indirectly acknowledged this statement in social media, but why did it occur today after 5 years? Cai Yingwen also said that the grid was fragile. More taxpayers’ money.

Where did Jiang ask Su Qian? He also criticized, "This is the DPP authorities!" Su Zhenchang also declared that electricity was sufficient. On March 3, the power was not used to use electricity. And when Jiang Wanan asked, "Do you want to promise not to promise the next big power outage?" Su Zhenchang was unwilling to answer positively, but said Jiang Wanan asked with ideology.

When Jiang continued to ask Su to "dare to bear it and want to promise", Su Zhenchang shouted in anger. Is it possible to perform here? "After the two men’s tongue battles were exposed, they immediately caused a warm discussion. Some Taiwanese netizens left a message under relevant reports," Things discuss the ancestors of others. " On the ancestor, this is a bit exaggerated. "" I can’t do my promise to the gods, and the grandfather’s grandfather did not have to "counterattack the mainland ‘".

(Zhang Ling, Taiwan Network) [Editor in charge: Zhang Ling].