Beichen District, Tianjin: The "Red Defense" is built on the front line of resistance

Original title: The "Red Defense" (Figure) two nucleic acid screening convenience service stations in the first line of resistance to the disease have recently been put into use in the international contemporary art park in Xiaodian Town, Beichen District, which can not only meet the needs of high -frequency nucleic acid screening, but also can also Avoid the risk of cross -infection to the greatest extent. Reporter Sun Liwei correspondent Xu Lei Photo on May 28, Beichen District, Tianjin lifted the reference zone management, simultaneously lifted traffic control restrictions, and restored normalization prevention and control. In the early summer, Fang Cao Yingying.

The new crown epidemic allows life to press the "pause key" again. On May 19, Beichen District referred to the prevention zone management. The epidemic is the command.

Beichen District established a fight against the epidemic, set up a temporary party committee, set up 5 temporary party branches, and assembled 550 party members and cadres to go to the front line. Establish a pioneer of party members and divide the responsibility area of ??party members, make the interim party committee a "backbone" of cadres and masses, and make party members a "pioneer army" for resistance.

  In the sealing and control zone, the temporary party branches were quickly established; at the nucleic acid sample point, the party flag fluttered high.

Party members and cadres are on their identities, bright brands, and flags. They actively ask the sealing and control areas to carry out the work of nucleic acid screening, personnel transport, and material protection, and build a solid "red defense line" on the front line of the disease. "Refine the work ledger to achieve precise scheduling and efficient operation. Transfer, large screening, supply, supply, flow adjustment, inspection and other tasks indicate target tasks, specific requirements, and implement them.

The temporary party committee mastered the attendance of the team members in real time, and encountered the task of emerging and won. Miao Yonggui, Secretary of the Interim Party Committee and Executive Deputy Minister of the Organization Department of the District Committee, said. A branch is a fortress and a party member is a banner.

  On the evening of the 23rd, the urgent call for help broke the tranquility of Fengyayuan community in Da Zhangzhuang Town. The 9 -year -old girl was unexpectedly scratched and blood flow.

The community is under control, and girls’ parents are at a loss. At this time, Wang Lin, the cadre of the executive bureau of the Beichen District People’s Court who was patrolling, greeted him and took the girl to the community clinic to stop bleeding.

However, the clinic does not have sewing conditions and needs to be referred to the hospital for treatment.

In a hurry, Wang Lin reported to the district epidemic prevention and control headquarters and town in the town, using the vehicles at the court stationed to send a family of three to Beichen Hospital.

  "Thanks to you in a special period! It took us to the hospital in more than 10 minutes." Afterwards, the girl’s mother took Wang Lin’s hand. Gathering is a fire, scattered is a star. Party members and cadres are from all units in the region. The temporary party organizations have become "magnets" and gathered in all directions. The epidemic situation in Xiaodian Town is severe and the mission of epidemic prevention is severe.

The interim party committee divided the more than 200 party members and cadres of the residence into 13 working groups, led by the leaders at the level, and sank to Liu Anzhuang Village, Xiaodongzhuang Village, and Xiaodian Village to carry out support.

  The 70 -year -old Xiaohezhuang villager Song Nu Song just finished knee change surgery and lived with the sick son. Under the control of the epidemic control, the mother and child life is worrying.

"When we touched the situation of her family, I immediately asked the temporary party branch to give priority to the provision of material distribution, garbage clearance and other aspects in accordance with the principle of priority and urgency. Let the mother and son have difficulties to find us at any time.

"Sental cadre Wang Yang said. Under the leadership of the Interim Party Committee, all party members and cadres were wearing red vests and red sleeves.

Among them, the veterans who have been serving for 26 years have worked high -intensity under the scorching sun, and they are unwilling to rest for a while; cadres who have sinking areolation points, they have supported the front line again shortly after returning to their posts; ; There is also a new "Daddy" who has just been born for more than 10 days. The people participating in the big screen gathered, and they completed more than 10,000 nucleic acid sampling daily; those who support the community installed the door magnetic for more than 100 households per day, and at the same time do a good job of buying medicines and medical treatment; patrolling and other services; patrolling People take more than 30,000 steps a day, and weave the "prevention and control network" with footsteps … Party members and cadres compare services, compare, and dedication at work, so that the masses will always feel that party organizations and party members are around. (Reporter Wang Yin Sun Liwei correspondent Xu Lei) (Responsible editor: Li Dan, Zhang Jingqi) Share let more people see it.